Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Sweetness of Online File Backup and Sync with SugarSync

SugarSync: Online File Backup and Sync Service
SugarSync is a comprehensive cloud data backup service that offer supports to simplifies digital life. Peoples can access all of his files from any device whenever want. SugarSync give continuous, automated secure backup of files, unlimited multi-computer sync, seamless file sharing and folder collaboration features along with anywhere-anytime access from almost type of devices (Mac, PC, netbook, mobile, etc).

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hidden File Tool: Manage Files Attributes

Hidden File Tool is a small freeware application for Windows PC that was created by Ebta Setiawan, an Indonesian Blogger and programmer. He was also developed Kamus, an Indonesian - English dictionary. Hidden File Tool application is used to manages files attributes.

Hidden File Tool: Freeware to Manages Files Attributes

Friday, June 3, 2011

Wrplayer: Mini Web Radio Player with Small Resource

Wrplayer: Mini Radio Player - Small Resource
For you who want to doing works on computer while listening to the online radio without having computer resource was disturbed by the radio player application, you need a tiny radio player. Wrplayer is the smallest freeware radio player ever. Not only small in file size, but this freeware also slightly in computer resource consuming.

This freeware radio player was developed by Loïs Bégué, German that is owned Arpoon, an online freeware publisher. Arpoon is providing self-made software (freeware) resources and tools for different purposes like system utilities, programming tools and multimedia software.