Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Kayakiye: Indonesian 'Facebook' in 'Ngapak' Laguage (Banyumasan)

After a rapid growth of Facebook, many other social networking website was appear arround the worlds. They'd bring the similar concept, interface and functionality. Even so, all was not quite capable to compete with or moreover equal with Facebook.

Indonesian 'Facebook' in 'Ngapak' Laguage
Indonesia, with more than 250 million of population is the second largest Facebook users in the world. More or less the number of facebook users in Indonesia has reached 35 million people on April 2011.

Along with that, in Indonesia has also emerged many social sites (Eg. Info24jam, Salingsapa etc). Most of them was failed to get a significant users. This because less specific in the user targeting. They thought that they would to like Facebook. In fact, they are weak at resources and capital, thus they wouldn't like Facebook. They should target a more specific user.

Kayakiye is the latest one of Indonesian social networking website. Started on December 2010, they came with a different concept of users targeting. They carrying a local language of central Java, known as Bahasa Ngapak (Banyumasan). By offer Ngapak language, makes not strange for local peoples from Indonesian Cental Java at social life in the internet. The members from the regions of Kebumen, Cilacap, Banyumas, Banjarnegara, Pubalingga, Tegal, Pekalongan and Pemalang would feel comfortable by using their mother language.

Indonesian social networking website like Facebook in 'Ngapak' Laguage
For you know, Ngapak language much known for it warmth-intimacy and it familiarity which brought in interaction. By using this language, people will be placed equals and without any formal obstacle.

With targeting for local users, was successfully obtain more than 58 thousands of members from Central Java, Indonesia, for five month (until Mei 2011). Enormous public enthusiasm towards Kayakiye because of the users feel like at their own home when interacting with friends and their brothers through Kayakiye.


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